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April 14 Class Agenda

Page history last edited by Peter Anderson 10 years, 7 months ago


Discussion Items:

  1. Schedule for Today and next few Weeks
    1. April 14 plan-full class discussion, then group meetings
    2. April 21 class-Office visit, lunch, and IPD/BIM/Parametric Discussion at Anderson Anderson Architecture, 90 Tehama Street. RSVP by Tuesday, April 20.
    3. Supplemental Sub-Committee meetings--to be arranged with Peter and full subcommittee group
    4. April 28--Meeting time 30 minutes before guest arrival. 11:30 possible?
  2. General Impressions of April 7 feedback
    1. Enough time per presentation?
    2. How to get across more information?
    3. Handouts--how to structure for better use?
    4. Post more complete presentations on wall?
  3. Where to Have the Final Presentations
    1. East One
    2. Board Room
    3. Auditorium
    4. Other spaces at CCA?
    5. Architecture for Humanity
  4. Guests to Invite for Final Presentations
    1. The Client: Architecture for Humanity
        • Cameron Sinclair
        • Nathaniel Corum
        • Ana Vasconcellos
        • Mike McCaffrey
        • Elizabeth Cohn-Martin
    2. CCA Faculty
      • Oblio Jenkins
      • Lisa Findley
    3. Outside Experts
      • Mike McCall
      • Yes Duffy
      • Evan Pruitt
      • Peter Hyer
      • Kelly Lemon
    1. (see this page) Final Presentations Schedule April 28


  6. Final Documents Formatting 
    1. Digital Files on CD
      1. Two copies of a CD/DVD from each of the four groups, clearly labeled with group name and name of each student in the group (one copy for CCA, one for Architecture for Humanity)
        1. One Folder with Projected Presentations and associated files (animation, web archives, web links)
        2. One Folder with Print-ready Documents (if same, just copy)
        3. One Folder with Research and Extra Documents (organize clearly, good folder and file naming structure so others can utilize and continue with work that you have done)
      2. Printed Document
        1. Two complete copies, in color (exactly as printable from Print-ready pdf described above)
        2. First page should be "Executive Summary" that is handed out at the review. (# copies?)
        3. Must have one page that is an index of all files that are on your disk, with descriptive text.
      3. Web Document on the OAN
        1. Your final project should be available in an appropriate place on the OAN (either as a standalone project, or within the PacRim Studios project, to be discussed). Send Peter and Nathaniel an Email with the link when this is 
      4. Book and DVD for the client (Architecture for Humanity) must be ready for a semi-formal presentation at the Review Time!
      5. Additional copies (or revisions/updates) to Peter by Friday, April 30, 5pm.




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