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Pia Malinis

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Project Name: CAL-LABORATE


1. Project Mission:  To research a graphical interface that encourages collaboration through means of an interactive calendar. 


2. Project Process:  Collecting and Cataloging scheduling applications/programs( ical, fasttrack schedule). This includes everything from Freeware to commercial license software.  Also, examining the existing Oan project oranization interface.


3. Project Deliverables:  Based on intense reseach, we will implement the proposed structure that best suites the OAN site for the Pac-Rim Studio page.  These proposed solutions are based on the user involment and the complexity (length and goal) of the project.


4. Project Contribution: A set of useful progams/applications that provide a specific set of tools that apply to the scope of any given project in terms of scheduling and organization.




Project Name: OAN APP


1. Project Mission: To enhance the user interface for the individual.


2. Project Process: Researching exsisting browser enhancement plugins and toolbars, research nesting information.


3. Project Deliverables: Proposed new user interface to allow for cross referencing multiple OAN projects.


4.  Project Contribution: TBD



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