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Andrew Stolz

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Project Name/Working Title:


Sponsor An Island!



Help Rebuild Paradise! Invest in a parcel of land on the Pacific Rim trash islands. Invest in the awareness of ecological issues caused by global warming, like the current sea level rise, ocean acidification, and marine pollution. Invest in trash.



How to Donate:

Donations can be made through a website (www.sponsoranisland.org). A parcel of land will be allotted to its donors.



Project Mission and Goals:

How are the donations used?

We believe that trash is the building material of the future. Our main objective is to use the donations raised through the Sponsor an Island! campaign to invest in (research for) the re-use and re-design of plastic bottles as a building materials.



Ideas for the reuse of plastic bottles range from building materials (like wall insulation) to general construction needs. Also, addressing the eminent crisis of future waste build up, portions of the donations will be invested in the research and development for the redesign of the plastic bottle for future re use as a building material/component. 





Example of Work:


• the virgin/ x prize winner for the redesign of the plastic bottle.



Final Deliverables:

• Research and document specific sites within the Pacific Rim of ecological importance for parcel investment.

• Research website interface for the Sponsor An Island! campaign. (www.sponsoranisland.org)

• Gather information on resources already available.

• Research and document (methods/techniques/strategies) for the reuse and redesign of the plastic bottle. 







Comments (1)

Adam Katz said

at 12:17 pm on Feb 10, 2010

what about the possibility of fostering the production of recycled islands and potential relocation of low lying island populations?

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