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Adam Katz(OAN profile revamp)

Page history last edited by Adam Katz 10 years, 7 months ago

Open Architecture Network Profiles(project and personal)


-revamp member profiles to more accurately portray ability

     -provide quick flexible editing tools(check boxes?) to maximize user ease

     -allow for wider array of skill/knowledge options


-cross-reference to specific project teams

     -display dominant team skill sets for easy project viability recognition

     -allow for skill offerings to specific projects

     -ability to classify skills needed to adequatley complete a given project.  cross reference to skills available outside project and those included in project team.)

     -audimate notifications to eligible contributors that they may be needed on a specific project due to lack of skills


-catalog member services available

    -allow for service uplods as well as design project uploads

    -catagorize accesesiblity to services(information found in user info)



*see other post regarding OAN database building

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