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Adam Katz(OAN database buliding)

Page history last edited by Adam Katz 13 years, 1 month ago

*pretty awesome that I can't change the name of the page title...ha, super smart!


Project/Service Prototyping

design projects finding knowledgable fabricators/consultants


-build database of relvent projects/ideas

     -add ability to upload and catagorize projects with greater breadth

     -create project search engine which includes location, timing, development status, etc.

     -contact schools for project particpation

     -hold competitions?


-build database of focused or interested fabricators     

     -contact similar product manufactures(living walls...etc)

     -fabricator service searchs(loc., fees, interests, focus)


-build database of willing consultants

    -call around

    -contact technical schools


-prioritize access to information/services

          rather than the restricted use of uploaded designs we could branch out into consultant services inwhich professionals and amatures could both request and offer services(design help, engineering, labor, software, etc.) in a controlled environment. 


     -service lists(check boxes) attached to profile.

     -availabilty on/off toggles

     -create waiting lists for pro bono projects(cues)

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Adam Katz said

at 2:47 pm on Feb 9, 2010

peter, can you alter the name of the page so that building is spelled correctly?

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