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Lauren Tichy

Page history last edited by Lauren Tichy 13 years, 6 months ago

The OAN page is starting to become more integrated addressing interests of the entire Project Support team:






+ awareness creating through wearable and print media



Individual Project Description:

Organize a series of brandware graphic elements harvested from work of Pac-Rim Studio project participants.  Obtain permissions to create and distribute graphic elements on T-shirts, etc. for fundraising/awareness creating for Pac-Rim projects.  



To elevate public awareness of the issues facing ecologies that are affected by rising ocean waters and the plastic gyre through print media and T-shirts.


Secondary Objective:

Raise some money for efforts to help in reality. 


Here are some mind maps I made about options: I am hoping to further connect dots between the "T-Shirt Project" and the "Information on an Island About to be the Ocean Project" especially as it seems that other people are tackling the digital gyre in a good way - hopefully we can collaborate or something to cross media.

Comments (8)

Peter Anderson said

at 9:10 pm on Feb 7, 2010

Thanks for doing a diagram! Have a look at other people's proposals to see if you can find the appropriate collaboration links.

Lauren Tichy said

at 10:50 pm on Feb 7, 2010

Ok. Hey Peter - 3 images i uploaded don't show up... any suggestions?

Peter Anderson said

at 8:37 am on Feb 8, 2010

Hi Lauren, It seems like it only will take .jpg formatted images, and maybe .gif. The file size can't be too large.

Adam Katz said

at 3:19 pm on Feb 9, 2010

seems like a logical jumping off/segue to make some cross project graphics that will help to tie together separate projects.

Adam Katz said

at 3:24 pm on Feb 9, 2010

just to clarify. the graphics you develop should/could be used in the wikis and the OAN projects and others. a way to visually connect separate projects so people can understand how closely tied all these subjects are. not necessarily that a project exists on line and then the graphics from said project manifest themselves in a shirt but it seems logical to have some other graphics elements/scheme which exist in multiple projects allowing easy/fast recognition of a connection.

Anthony Diaz said

at 7:06 pm on Feb 9, 2010

I have a couple of ideas that we could collaborate on. One being that you could do some branding / t-shirts for each piece of trash we have tagged. Sort of like how people support their favorite sports team.

Lauren Tichy said

at 2:11 am on Feb 10, 2010

@ Peter: Thanks, will try to figure this out.
@ adiaz: yes let's do it
@ akatz: Yes, I think cross collaboration will be key!

Rodrigo Lima said

at 10:09 am on Apr 8, 2010

Lauren - that is so cool that you have this all up an running already. Are you still planning on opening up some designs for the other studios to contribute their diagrams or just whatever designs? Also is the money made off of these already going to the AFH?

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