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Brandon Jenkins

Page history last edited by Anthony Diaz 14 years, 2 months ago

Anthony Diaz & Brandon Jenkins


Name of Project:

Google Earth Gyre Tracker

Project Mission and Goals:

1. An icon shown on Google Earth that moves along the path of the Gyre as it moves through the Pacific. Icon would be updated in accordance with gps located trash in the gyre. Selecting the icon would open the pop-up with links to Arch for Humanity, OAN, info on the gyre.

2. A blog that corresponds with the Gyre Tracker that gives information about particular matter on its way and in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Such information consists of real-time locations and forecasted trajectories, as well as links and resources for remediation.

Process, Tools and Methods:

Research existing Google Earth tracking projects and devices.  Find method to link tracking device to the blog.  Research existing technologies in order to develope a proposal for prototype manufacturing.

Final Deliverables:

Base design of blog page with appropriate links, as well as working link to Google Earth.  A similar type of concept is:


Comments (2)

Rodrigo Lima said

at 10:52 am on Feb 9, 2010

Hey guys - as Peter commented on my page, and I agree with him, our projects have some good overlap. I wonder if you guys would like to maybe team up or at least work closely together in order to develop a mega map and updating interface for all things OAN and AFH?


Anthony Diaz said

at 7:02 pm on Feb 9, 2010

Sounds great. We should discuss this collaboration in class tomorrow.

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