Pedro Marugan

Name of Project: Species threatened by plastics.


Project Mission and Goals: Researching how different species are affected by plastics in the ocean, studying how different types of plastic affects different species (depending on size, location, kind of species…)


Process, Tools and Methods: From projects like Kaisei learn what kind of plastics are found in the ocean (plastic bottles, nets, toys…), in what quantity, and organize them. Then, try to study how different types of these plastics affects species in a different way. As 80% of the plastics in the ocean come from land-based sources, this research should help identify the problem before the plastic reaches the ocean.


Final Deliverables and Contribution to the CPM Seminar's Group Project for AfH and the Pac Rim Studios? Create a data base where easily find a list of different plastics we can find in the ocean and link them with different species in the way they are affected. This might be a tool to understand the problem, helping to learn how to find different solutions for a similar problem but affecting different species and sites.